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We work with mobile DJs in a number of different ways to help them develop their business practices.

We consult employers and industry leaders to make sure that assessments are relevant to the needs of all sectors.

We regularly update the requirements for our awards to make sure they stay relevant in rapidly changing environments.

If you employ a DJmark Award holding DJ, you can be assured that you will be working with "one of the good guys"


Introducing the DJmark Awards Scheme

The majority of the UK's estimated 50,000+ mobile disco operators are part-time sole traders who provide low-cost musical entertainment at pubs, clubs and private hire venues across the country. Many are little more than hobbyists, working for a small supplemental income, often undeclared, using consumer grade equipment and illegally downloaded music (200,000 tracks anyone? - at retail rates that would require an investment of over £120,000!)

However, at the other end of the spectrum are dedicated, professional organisations who specialise in co-ordinating and providing bespoke entertainment and lighting for important milestone events such as wedding receptions, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate functions etc., using reliable, professional-grade equipment and great-sounding music from legitimate sources.

We know from our own surveys that over 80% of people seeking a mobile DJ for an important event have never done so before. For many, the "typical DJ" sets their expectation level, because they know no better, and along with this an expectation of cost.

Then there are tens of thousands of venues regularly hosting private functions - from pubs and village halls through to castles and steam trains - which must consider their licences, insurances and, crucially in this internet age, their reviews and feedback.

It became very clear to us back in 2007 that the simplest way to safeguard the needs of the venues and separate the hobbyist from the professional in the eyes of the private hirers was to develop a meaningful quality assessment standard. DJmark was born.

Today we offer 4 distinct award levels - from our entry-level Silver Award through to our much coveted Diamond Award - and these are introduced to you in the table opposite. Each award has its own entry requirements which are carefully vetted by a team of industry experts. They are reviewed on a WEEKLY basis to ensure they remain up-to-date at all times.



The DJmark Awards Scheme is endorsed by the UK's largest mobile disco trade association, the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) and one of the UK's largest providers of public and employee liability insurance for disco operators, the Mobile DJ Network (MDJN).

We work closely with both organisations that joint members correctly maintain their business insurances.

Award Levels

DJmark Silver Award

Our entry-level award, a Silver DJmark will satisfy the requirements of the majority of venues and proves that the holder takes the DJ business seriously from a compliance and legal point of view.

The aspects checked at this level are detailed below.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI)

Electrical Safety Tests (PAT)

Legal Music Sourcing/Dubbing (ProDub)

Written Contracts Issued

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